My T-Mobile Challenge - Is It Time to Divorce AT&T?

Since T-Mobile's launch of LTE and announcement that they would carry iPhone in April, I've been intrigued with their service. They've won countless J.D. Power awards for Customer Service, and they believe that customer's shouldn't be taken to their cleaners every month in the form of a bill.

Then yesterday's announcement of unlimited international data and text happened. I was hooked. I must admit - I had a hard time sleeping last night. I wanted to gather as much data as I could about T-Mobile: the nitty gritty details of their rate plans, the ins and outs of domestic and international roaming, hotspot data, iPhone and iPad operating frequencies, unlocked devices, and more.

As I lay in bed, reading from my iPhone, I became more and more excited. Their rate plans were amazing. Unlimited talk, text, and web starting at $50/month. And they were very upfront about their throttling (slowing of data speeds). For $50 you're throttled at 500 MB, for $60 you're throttled at 2.5 GB, and at $70 you're not throttled on the device. After all of my research, my only question was coverage. With a few extra devices laying around I decided to pick up a T-Mobile SIM card at lunch, then gave AT&T a ring to unlock my retired iPhone 5. 

I'm going to test T-Mobile's LTE and 3G/HSPA service around town this weekend, then out on the west coast next week. If all goes well, I'll be porting my number out of AT&T in the near future. So far, in Dallas, T-Mobile's performance has been on par with AT&T.  I'll post the full results of my speed tests and results in a couple weeks.