Do Not Disturb - Sleep well!

Want to silence your phone and get a night's sleep, but still ensure that your loved ones could call in case of an emergency? Use Do Not Disturb (DND)! DND will silence all audio notifications, stop all vibrations, and prevent the screen from lighting up when enabled.

iPhone's Do Not Distrub Setup

iPhone's Do Not Distrub Setup

This tip is great for those that don't want to hear their emails, text messages, Facebook notifications, etc. come in overnight (or any other time you need some piece and quiet). 

Launch Settings and tap on "Do Not Disturb". From here you can manually turn the feature on and off, but the power comes below in the scheduling! Slide Scheduled to "On" and select the time for DND to start and end. Next, chose who to allow calls from - I use my favorites list, but you can select No One or groups from your Contacts. This will only allow calls to alert, not text message or iMessage notifications.

The next option, "Repeated Calls", will allow repeated calls to come through while DND is enabled. The first time someone calls you won't see or hear anything, but if they call back within 3 minutes, the second call will ring.  

Lastly, decide if you want iPhone to be silent, even when unlocked, during DND time. This means that if you have DND enabled, but are actively using your phone - should notification be silenced when the iPhone is locked or always.

Sweet dreams!