Tech Wish List for 2016

As the year was starting to come to an end, I was not only thinking about what I want my personal goals to be in 2016, but also what I’d like to see from the tech industry. 

  1. Instagram for Multiple Accounts & iPad: For those that have multiple Instagram accounts (business and personal, family and friends, etc.) you know how much of a pain it is to manage both accounts. You’re either stuck logging in and out constantly or using two devices. I take the later of the two solutions and keep my personal Instagram account on my iPhone, while my iPad has my business Instagram account. Unfortunately when using Instagram on the iPad, it’s a really annoying blown-up-iPhone app. I know I’m not alone in this wish – it’s about time for an update.
  2. Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, & 4K resolution for Apple TV: I’m enjoying the new Apple TV. I wouldn’t recommend that anyone run out and buy it. However when Pandora was added a few weeks ago the Apple TV did became slightly more useful. Amazon Prime Video was rumored to hit by year’s end, but I don’t think we’re going to see it in the next 10 hours. Spotify has been silent on an Apple TV app. And, of course, no word from Apple on 4k video support. These two apps and one hardware feature would make it a “Must Buy” for me to recommend.
  3. Sync Faces & Better Management of Storage: I’ve been experimenting with Google Photos lately and have seen the bright side of cloud services. After doing some updates to my Mac and moving around my Photos library, I discovered that the “Faces” data doesn’t sync to iCloud Photo Library. This is, from what everyone can gather, done for privacy’s sake. I personally find it very annoying. Peoples faces are out there. Facebook. Newspapers. Driver’s Licenses. Your face is there. Attached to your name. Why would I care if Apple stores that? Please store Faces data in iCloud Photo Library. Also, please provide better management options for storage. Currently there are two options – store it all on your device or let the device manage the memory. But where is the option to recover some additional space? What if I want to do a big import into Lightroom and need the space? I don’t like the blackhole and lack of information as to what “Optimize Device Storage” gives.
  4. Cellular Enabled Apple Watch: With AT&T NumberSync and the ability to use my mobile number from my iPad or Mac, even with my iPhone completely off the cellular network, I would love to see Apple Watch be able to do the same. A cellular-enabled Apple Watch is likely a long ways off as battery consumption would be a beast, but this would be the ultimate smart watch for me. It would also likely mean GPS built in so I could go for a run or biking and not need to take my iPhone. Bluetooth headphones provide music and calling for emergencies, GPS and on-board apps could track my fitness metrics, and all from my wrist. This entry in my wishlist Is probably better for the “wishful thinking” list, at least for the next few years.
  5. Better Data Prices from AT&T: Kudos to you Randall Stephenson for rolling out a VERY reasonable Mexico roaming plan. Reception is another issue, but I know that will get there. I would like to see domestic data prices dropped as well. We’re all using more data. My hope is that T-Mobile and all of their uncarrier moves will help drop domestic data prices.
  6. More “Flattening” in International Roaming Space: With T-Mobile starting the ball rolling with their Global plan to allow unlimited data when roaming international, albeit slow, other carriers are starting to notice. Then John Legere and team stepped it up and notch and offered full speed data access anywhere in North America. Amazing stuff! Verizon now allows you to pay a daily access fee to use your domestic plan internationally. Sprint came out with some additional data plans for international use. I’m hoping to see even more of this in 2016. I would love to see a truly international carrier. One where, just like with AT&T in Mexico now, I can get off the plane and keep going like I’m still right at home.
  7. Garth Brooks and Adele (25) on Streaming Services: Love these guys. I really want to stream their stuff on Spotify! The Beatles are there – can I get some Garth?
  8. Spotify: Support for Lyrics on Mobile Devices, Split Screen on iPad, & Syncing Libraries:  When I’m jamming at home in front of my computer I love being able to see lyrics for most songs right from within the Spotify app. Can we get this on Mobile devices? It would take an airplane full of people to gather enough fingers and toes to count the times that I’ve wanted to use this feature and then remembered that it isn’t available. I love working on my iPad, especially when I’m flying. And I love listening to Spotify. In fact I’m writing this right now  using my iPad Air 2, a keyboard, and Microsoft OneNote aboard a late night American Airlines flight. But if I want to change the music that I’m listening to, I can’t pull over Spotify or have it share the screen. I have to change apps. A minor annoyance, but none the less it made the wish list this year. Since I likely won’t get Garth Brooks on Spotify anytime soon, I wish that Spotify had a Google Music or Apple Music like feature where I could upload what music I do own to be able to include in playlists and play from anywhere. I love the Spotify interface. I love having the app on my Mac, iPad, iPhone, and work computer. But I miss the music that I have to keep locally when I’m not at my computer.
  9. Live Photo Support: I love that Tumblr and Facebook support Live Photos. Hopefully Instagram, Twitter, and others are on the list for apps? I would love to see Chrome support them as well.

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