Dispelling Myths: It Rains A Lot In Seattle

As people find out that I’m moving to Seattle, 9 out of 10 people tell me something along the lines of “You better get ready for all that rain!” Being a fan of random trivia, I like to counter with “Did you know it rains more in Houston than in Seattle?” Yes, it’s true! The information below is based on weather data collected from 1981 to 2010 for the NOAA National Climatic Data Center.

If you’re counting by total inches of rainfall Seattle ranks way down at 32 behind New York, Houston, Atlanta, Boston, Philly, DC, Pittsburgh, and others. If you’re counting by number of days with rain, Seattle ranks 6th on the list behind Buffalo, Rochester, Portland, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. Seattle is more drizzly, and not so much rainy. 

Where does it stack up with Dallas? Dallas ranks just below Seattle on the list with an average of only 0.1″ less of rain per year. Now you know… it doesn’t really rain THAT much in Seattle.

115New Orleans, Louisiana62.7
135Miami, Florida61.9
117Birmingham, Alabama53.7
108Memphis, Tennessee53.7
114Jacksonville, Florida52.4
117Orlando, Florida50.7
122New York, New York49.9
104Houston, Texas49.8
113Atlanta, Georgia49.7
119Nashville, Tennessee47.3
125Providence, Rhode Island47.2
117Virginia Beach, Virginia46.5
105Tampa, Florida46.3
100Raleigh, North Carolina46
130Hartford, Connecticut45.9
123Louisville, Kentucky44.9
126Boston, Massachusetts43.8
114Richmond, Virginia43.6
164Portland, Oregon43.5
129Indianapolis, Indiana42.4
137Cincinnati, Ohio41.9
116Baltimore, Maryland41.9
110Charlotte, North Carolina41.6
118Philadelphia, Pennsylvania41.5
113St. Louis, Missouri41
167Buffalo, New York40.5
114Washington, DC39.7
139Columbus, Ohio39.3
155Cleveland, Ohio39.1
91Kansas City, Missouri39.1
151Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania38.2
149Seattle, Washington37.7
81Dallas, Texas37.6
124Chicago, Illinois36.9
84Oklahoma City, Oklahoma36.5
127Milwaukee, Wisconsin34.8
167Rochester, New York34.3
88Austin, Texas34.2
135Detroit, Michigan33.5
83San Antonio, Texas32.3
117Minneapolis, Minnesota30.6
68San Francisco, California20.7
60Sacramento, California18.5
96Salt Lake City, Utah16.1
62San Jose, California15.8
87Denver, Colorado15.6
36Los Angeles, California12.8
42San Diego, California10.3
30Riverside, California10.3
30Phoenix, Arizona8.2
27Las Vegas, Nevada4.2


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