The Inverted Interrobang on iOS & Mac... ⸘What‽

The inverted interrobang can be used to start phrases in Spanish and other language. Some have asked about the inverted interrobang, so here it is!

Load this post in Safari, copy, then create a keyboard auto-correct, just like with the interrobang, and you can start typing an inverted interrobang on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. I would recommend making the shortcut 'i?!' with the 'i' standing for inverted. This will only sync to your Mac if you're running a newer version of iOS and OS X with iCloud syncing enabled.

According to Wikipedia, some call the inverted interrobang a gnaborretni, or interrobang written backwards.

Interrobang on iPhone, iPad, and iOS. What‽

A friend and I were messaging about the interrobang (‽) and all of it’s greatness, but lamenting about the lack of the punctuation on iOS. After some searching, Paul Dunning on his HairyDalek blog has a great tutorial!

Using the “Keyboard Shortcut” magic found in iOS 5, here is the quick rundown of how to do it from your iOS…

iOS Settings Screenshot for Interrobang Setup

iOS Settings Screenshot for Interrobang Setup

  1. Find an interrobang online that you can copy… Like this one! ‽
  2. Go to -> General -> Keyboards -> Shortcuts
  3. Add a Shortcut
  4. Paste the interrobang in as the “Phrase” and enter an exclamation followed by a question mark with no separating space for the shortcut (See iOS Settings Screenshot)
  5. Tap Save
  6. Repeat using the same two punctuation marks in the reverse order (“?!”)
  7. Tap Save

And you’re done! Next time you want to insert an interrobang, just type “!?” or “?!” and iOS will replace it with ‽

iOS Interrobang Example

iOS Interrobang Example