I have over 16 years of experience across customer service, Salesforce platform development and management, consulting, and marketing automation at companies of all sizes from startups to Fortune 500s. I build scaleable, manageable business processes using the Salesforce platform. Want to know more about my past? Check out my resume or LinkedIn profile.


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Past Projects

Territory Management App

Design, architecture, and oversight of the build of a native territory management and lead routing application to route leads in real-time and complete quarterly reassignments based on geographic information and products. 

End-to-End MSA Process

Combining Salesforce, CongaComposer, DocuSIgn, and Zuora I created an end-to-end solution that allowed Sales Reps to build quotes, capture signature, and push into the subscription billing system with a single flow. This saved Sales Reps 

NPS Survey Integration

Using Survey Gizmo, NPS and Customer Support feedback surveys were integrated into Salesforce Contact records to allow for reporting, automated follow up, and management oversight of customer interactions. 

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